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Finish Line Car Wash & Detail Centers
In 1987, a group of Colorado entrepreneurs built and opened its first car wash and detail center in Aurora. Building on the business’ success, five years later the group formed another partnership and purchased an out-of-business car wash on South Colorado Boulevard, which was then a semi dilapidated area of Denver. The totally rebuilt and remodeled car wash opened in 1993, and for several years operated as Bear’s Car Wash. In 1998 to maximize the potential of the growing businesses, the partnerships hired a new management team and changed the businesses’ names. Today, the two highly successful Finish Line Car Wash & Detail Centers continue to serve customers in Denver and Aurora.

Finish Line Car Wash & Detail Centers provide professional, quality vehicle care services at an excellent value.

Our Misson
Finish Line Car Wash & Detail Centers are committed to extending the usable life and beauty of vehicles by employing deliberate, detailed processes that safely, efficiently and effectively remove the dirt, contaminants and other materials that can damage them. We conduct our businesses in a way that balances the needs for a fair return for our efforts, excellent service and quality for our customers, conservation of natural resources and benefit for the communities that support us.

Our Environmental Commitment
Finish Line Car Wash & Detail Centers are committed to protecting the natural environment while fulfilling our mission.  We demonstrate this commitment by utilizing practices and equipment that reduce pollution and conserve natural resources.  Following are some examples of changes we have made in recent years:

Installing high efficiency, energy conserving (Super-E) motors – While they cost 20% more to purchase, they offer a longer duty cycle (fewer replacements means fewer resources used) and require less energy consumption over their useful lives.

Reducing the amount of energy required to wash a vehicle- By making a significant investment in power management systems, our facilities now use energy more efficiently.  For example, our vacuums and vehicle dryers now require 1/3 – 2/3 less amperage to start the machines’ motors.

Saving over 110 gallons of water PER CAR washed - By installing superior water reclamation technologies, Finish Line Car Wash & Detail Centers have been able to save an average of 110 gallons of water PER CAR washed (includes wash water, restrooms, coffee making, etc.).  We use an average of only 29 gallons of fresh water per vehicle wash, as opposed to an average of 140 gallons by do-it-yourself washing at home, or car washes not utilizing water reclamation technologies. In recognition of our successful water conservation program, Denver Water certified the Denver Finish Line Car Wash and Detail Center as the first “Efficient Water User” car wash in the State of Colorado.

Our Community Commitment
Each year, the Finish Line Car Wash & Detail Centers donate thousands of dollars worth of services to aid local charities’ fundraising efforts. 

Among the recipients are:
  • Byrne Urban Scholars
  • Emmanuel Methodist Preschool
  • The BOLD organization
  • Aurora Quest Academy
  • Lion Project
  • Rocky Mountain PBS
  • 9 Health Fair
  • Boys & Girls Clubs
  • Carson Elementary PTA
  • Third Way Center Inc.
  • Cherry Creek Rotary Club
  • Denver Children’s Home
  • Denver Public Schools After Prom Program
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
  • Lance Armstrong Foundation

Full Service Car Washes and Detail
Our Goal
To provide quality car wash and detail services quickly and efficiently while providing great value to our customers.

Our two conveniently located Finish Line Car Wash & Detail Centers proudly serve customers in Aurora and Denver.


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